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Birthday Party Ideas Chicago

Birthday party ideas Chicago is meant for those of you who are happen to live in the windy city. I am pretty sure that there are lot of interesting place to throw birthday party at Chicago. That is why i am very happy to help you finding some good birthday party ideas Chicago. But remember, you need to calculate the cost since taking birthday party outside your house will require you to have huge budget. But there is no need to worry. If you want to put more effort and energy on to it, you should be able to find lot of good deals out there. That is why i am here today to provide tips for birthday party ideas Chicago.

Birthday party ideas Chicago

So, are you ready to read the complete guide of birthday party ideas Chicago? then the first place that you need to visit is the American Girl Place. It is a cafe that will be a perfect place to have a birthday party for girl ages 3 and up. The current package is priced at $31 for each person. For that amount of money, you will get notes, meal, cake with the peppermint ice cream, goody bag, and gift for your daughter. Pretty good deal actually. You need to consider this place on your birthday party ideas Chicago.

Birthday party ideas Chicago

Next place in our birthday party Chicago list is the Pump It Up. It is the name of a playground that located on West Eastman. Your son can play lot of games here, including jumping, sliding, and bouncing. There are lot of birthday package that offered here. The prices are range from $325 to $535. Just like the previous place, you will get some treat and extra service like meal, pizza, goody bag, helium balloons, and everything. Just pay and they will do the rest. It is also a nice place for birthday party ideas Chicago.

Well, that is all i can tell you right now about birthday party ideas Chicago guys. If you want to know more good places, just write down the question on the comment box below. I will be happy to provide some extra tutorial of birthday party ideas Chicago.